A Kingly Experience on St. Simons Island, Pt. 2

This is part two of my trip to St. Simons Island and the King and Prince Resort, for part one, please click here



After indulging in the island’s many culinary specialties, climb 163 steps and you’ll reach the top of the St. Simons Lighthouse. 

Built in 1888, this fully operational lighthouse offers amazing views of the island and its surrounding waters. Book a night tour, and you may even find yourself with a few new ghostly friends. st simons island

Neptune Park is a centrally located oceanfront park. Open to the public year round, the park’s amenities include a children’s playground, miniature golf course, fishing pier, and bandstand where several different events are held throughout the year. 

The most popular and beautiful site on St. Simons has to be the Avenue of Oaks. Located at the entrance of the Sea Island Golf Club, it is a private area, but, ask nicely and one of the guards may let you take a picture or two. 


gogo st simons

Photo by: My friend Amy Bailey. If you have a sec, check out her blog!

There is no shortage of independent shops throughout the island, but the best shopping can be found in Redfern Village. From exquisite jewelry designed by a local, visit Gogo, where “nature transformed into wearable art”. This motto is taken quite literally, as the designer casts her molds from bones, cartilage, and other bits inspired by nature. She has outfitted several political wives as well as celebrities, and in case anyone is curious, the Rattlesnake Rib Earrings would make an amazing early Christmas present… for a friend 😉 

For home decor items, stop by the adorable shop and design center, Petite Maison, and for the food/wine aficionados, visit Golden Isles Olive Oil and Wine Body & Soul.


The best way to see the island is have a local as your guide. Luckily, Cap Fendig’s Trolley Tours are not only stress free way to get an overview of St. Simons, but they are fun and informative as well. 

We used the trolley as our main mode of transportation for the weekend, so we always arrived in style. The trolley can also be reserved for private events or weddings, or for $25 per person, take one of the daily 90 minute public tours that stops at all of the major historic sites on the island.peggy buchanan painting

To hone your artist skills (or lack thereof) try one of Peggy Buchan’s painting classes right at the King and Prince Resort!

Peggy provides all of the materials and comprehensive instructions on how to paint a gorgeous Georgian coast scene. Have no fear if you are new to painting – the class will not only make you a more confident artist, but you’ll be surprised with the end results!lady jane st simons

Spend some time on the wate and rlearn about the local marine life with a “shrimpin'” tour on the Lady Jane. The recently retired shrimping boat is manned by Cap’n Larry Credle and a very knowledge crew member dredges the bottom of St. Simons Sound to get a very close look and feel sea creatures such as horseshoe crabs, puffer fish, skates, squid, and bluecrabs. 

For those prone to seasickness, fear not – the waters in the sound are very calm and will make for a pleasant voyage. gina zammit blogger

For true thrill seekers, a ride in a prop plane at McKinnon Airport is an absolute must on your trip.

We had the rare opportunity to fly in DC-3 (a World War II plane) with aviation legend, Winn Baker.

Winn is native of St. Simons, has worked in aviation his entire life. He has more than 41,000 flying hours, and is in the Georgia Aviation Hall of Fame.

Winn’s decades of experience made me feel less anxious about climbing into an aircraft that was born before my parents, and once used for both combat, commercial flights, and even mail delivery. dc-3The flight, although calm was exhilarating. We jetted above the Golden Isles and got to see an aerial view of the King and Prince, nearby Jekyll Island, and even made it all the way to Sea Island, where the plane’s owner, Lance Toland, spotted his house. 

Flights on the DC-3 typically aren’t available to the public, however, there are several restored biplane ride packages available each summer (something I haven’t tried yet). 
gina zammit

Thanks to the hospitality of my hosts, and new friends and acquaintances, my experience on St. Simons Island will be one I will not soon forget, and I encourage to check out all that this charming place has to offer.

For more information about all of the activities, restaurants, and sights listed, visit Explore St. Simons

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