There’s Beef in My Soap?

beef tallow soap

You read that right. The soap that I began using at the start of the new year, and now use daily contains beef tallow (fat). beef tallow soap

My soapy journey began when I was gifted a bar of my soap from my mom. Always preferring body wash to bars, I thought the soap would dry out my skin, but it has never felt softer, and I have now fully converted to using a bar of soap (bar of soap!).

The first ingredient listed on the bar is sodium tallowate, which I later learned is saponified (the process of mixing lard and lye that produces soap) beef tallow, and the reason my skin is so moisturized.

If the idea of spreading animal lard all over your body grosses you out, 1. you’re probably doing it anyway (most commercial soaps and fabric softener contain beef tallow) 2. you’re using the vegetable equivalent instead (still kind of odd), and 3. if you eat meat, you can feel a bit better that none of the animal is going to waste, and you’re repurposing something that would have just been thrown away.

As I mentioned, you can find beef tallow soap in your drugstore or supermarket, but you’ll also probably get some moisture-zapping chemicals as well. Instead, you can make your own, ala Fight Club, with cheap (or free, if you ask nicely) fat remains from your local butcher, or purchase from a reputable seller on Etsy like this or this.

What do you use to lather up?  Have you switched soaps lately? Let me know in the comments!

Also, who remembers this song? *Note: I always thought the lyric was hiney!

Oh, I wish I was a little bar of soap… bar of soap!  Oh, I wish I was a little bar of soap… bar of soap! I’d go slidey, slidey, slidey over every-body’s hidey. Oh, I wish I was a little bar of soap!

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