#BloggerBash Canadian Lentils Carnival Recap

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When I sauntered into the closing party of Blogger Bash, my jaw nearly fell open. 

The decadent #lovelentils circus theme put together and sponsored by Canadian Lentils, was, in short astonishing. 

Before this event, and due to my participation in the Live Below the Line Challenge,  I considered lentils a cheap, tasty and nutritious source of protein – not a purveyor of wild by night affairs.

canadian lentils

But, I was wrong. Very wrong.

Not only am I certain that Canadians can throw a serious shindig, but the party convinced me that lentils are much more versatile than I ever had imagined.

All of the food offered at the buffet at Pier 60 contained lentils – burgers, fritters, veggie-heavy side dishes, even chocolate truffles, cupcakes, and ice cream! 

champagne fairy

After sampling the many lentil-filled treats, I played several classic carnival games including a ring toss, strength tester, and milk bottle game, and enjoyed over twenty different sideshow-style performances.

There was a circus strongman (complete with handlebar mustache), contortionist, three piece band, a juggler, card trickster, can-can ladies, and a DJ.

My absolute favorite performer of the night was an aerial bartender suspended from a chandelier doling out flutes of bubbly.

gina zammit blogger

I promptly dubbed her the champagne fairy and became a frequent visitor/photographer. I texted a few friends to say that “my dreams had come true” (yes, I dream about champagne fairies) and there was an overwhelming feeling that Jay Gatsby would’ve approved of this soirée. 

The party left me smiling the rest of the evening, and has inspired me to incorporate lentils into some unexpected foods. Perhaps I will even throw a carnival party of my own – but only if the fairy is available 🙂

For now, I’m left with the amazing photos I captured, and the compilation video you too can watch below:

What’s the best party you’ve attended? Have you used lentils in an unusual way? Let me know in the comments!




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