Grateful in Grand Central

gina zammitOriginally, I was only going to share this story on social media, but since I found it to be so personally moving, I thought it best to post here as well.

Last night I had a very moving experience. 

On my way to a food photography event with Edible Magazine in Brooklyn, I stopped at Grand Central Station for a quick bite. I ordered a plate from Tri-Tip Grill and sat down in the dining area.

A few minutes later, a homeless man approached me and asked for change. I just said “Sorry” and resumed eating.

He then asked if he could have some of my steak. I was surprised to hear his question, and wasn’t sure exactly how to give him a piece (I didn’t want to just put it in his hand), so he just calmly walked away.

Trying to find a solution, I quickly finished up my bite, and saved an untouched piece of steak for him – plus a knife and fork of course – and then had the harder task of trying to find him.

But, I did!

He was so grateful that I was completely overwhelmed and choking back tears as I boarded the 4 train.

The irony that I was attending an event about photographing food wasn’t lost on me.

It’s a reminder that no matter how large our problems may seem, we must always be grateful for what we have and to treat our fellow human beings with dignity and respect. 

I would love to hear your counts of moving experiences you’ve witnessed. If you’d like to share, please use the hashtag #exploregratitude. 

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