Summer Camp Series

As a kid, many of my friends and classmates would leave our northern New Jersey town each summer to attend camp. Being that I had a pool (a big deal on the East coast) and plenty of land to run around on, my parents never understood my desire to leave and go upstate for the summer.

Thankfully, most of the kids on my block stuck around during the summer. We spent most of our time swimming, riding our bikes, making up ghost stories and exploring the somewhat “scary” wooded territory we called “over the hill”.

In many ways, my summers growing up are a nod to the American Dream of years past – not necessarily an accurate portrayal of the 1990’s in the suburbs – but that’s why I love them. Shrouded in innocence and imagination, those summers undoubtably shaped who I am today, but I’ve always had a slight tinge of wonder of what it’s like to attend summer camp.

So, dear readers, I present to you, my best attempt at an organized summer camp here on my blog.

What does this mean? You can look forward to posts about making homemade s’mores, nature walks, my list of personal summer goals and anything else I have come to associate with “camp”.

So, grab your permission slip, sunscreen, and some bug juice and get ready for camp!

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