Summer Camp: Summer Goals

Summer, with all its fleeting beauty, is usually packed with activities that call for warm, sunny weather (which can be hard to come by in the Northeast). To keep track of all the things I would like to do and achieve, I like to make a list of summer goals at the start of the season.

My list this year includes:

  1. Sending a message in a bottle out to sea.
  2. Releasing floating light lanterns.
  3. Attending the U.S. Open.
  4. Visiting Lavender by the Bay.
  5. Going camping.
  6. An Island Belle cruise.
  7. Seeing  Lucy the Elephant.
  8. Hosting a baseball, beer and apple pie party.
  9. Attending an outdoor concert.
  10. Drive-in movie.
  11. Going out on a Norwalk oyster boat.
  12. Eating alfresco as much as possible – at the beach, park and in our backyard.
  13. Hosting a beach lobster boil.
  14. Attending a traditional New England clambake.
  15. Collecting shells and other natural finds at the beach.
  16. Walking and hiking as much as possible.
  17. Visiting Coney Island.
  18. Keeping a summer photo journal.
  19. Reading!

And, most importantly, take time to relax and savor each day.


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