Summer Travel Essentials

Summer Travel Essentials


No matter where your travels take you this holiday weekend, bring along some of my favorite summer/early autumn essentials (“sautumn”), on a plane, train, or throw in your bag while hanging poolside. 

  1. Feather & Bone Face Gems. These powerful little gems cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin (though if you have dry skin like me, you’ll need to moisturize) are TSA-approved, affordable, and are comprised of all natural Ayurveda
    ingredients. What’s not to love?
  2. Chance Signature Boatneck. A timeless piece to have in your wardrobe is a classic striped boatneck shirt. This one by Change is ultra soft, and made with 100% Pima cotton. It’s featherlight, so it won’t weigh you down during the day, and will keep you comfortable as the temperatures drop by night.
  3. bkr Glass Water Bottle. These beautiful, runway inspired chemical-free glass water bottles have a soft silicone sleeve to prevent breakage during those graceful moments in life.
  4. Tangle Teezer Hair Brush. During the summer it can be a challenge keeping my hair healthy, strong, and frizz free. This brush may look strange but it is truly a miracle detangler that works on wet or dry hair without damaging it.
  5. Made Otoua Spike Stud Earrings. I purchased these amazing statement studs a few months ago and have relished in compliments ever since. Each item from this brand is handmade in Kenya by skilled artisans using sustainable materials, and modern designs. Everything is of course, fair trade, and for that reason alone, you will always be in style. 
  6. Coola 4 Piece Organic Suncare Travel Set. I don’t need to tell you that protecting your skin from harsh UV rays is important. I will tell you though, this is my favorite sunscreen brand (it’s all natural and organic), and the travel size kit has everything you need for a perfect weekend getaway. 
  7. Pedialyte Powder Pack. Pedialyte has been my best kept secret for battling severe dehydration from traveling, exercising, and at times, that extra glass of wine. The sodium and potassium helps your body absorb fluids, and it’s much more figure friendly than sports drinks (70 calories a bottle instead of over 200). I usually go with the liquid version, but for traveling these powder packets are perfect to carry along with you (especially internationally).
  8. Meow Meow Tweet Herbal Insect Repellent. I was skeptical that this formula would protect me from my biggest fans: mosquitos (I am a literal magnet for them), but this is the best insect repellent I’ve ever used! I spray this all natural solution directly on my skin, hair, clothes – anything goes since it’s all natural – and I’m protected for exactly 90 minutes. You have to be vigilant in reapplying at this time schedule – but for a product that truly works, is from an ethical startup brand, and toxin free, it’s definitely worth it. 
  9. Live the Process Classic Gym Clutch The last item on my list may be the most practical. This super chic black and white clutch doubles as a gym or bathing suit bag, that keeps smells safely concealed within the clutch. Since it’s waterproof, it’s also a great item to bring to the beach to keep your electronics water and sand free. 

What have been your essential travel items this summer? Let me know in the comments!


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