The Year of the T-shirt

Happy Lunar New Year! Although tomorrow marks the start of the year of the dragon, for me, it’s the year of the t-shirt.

At the beginning of December,  Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen’s t-shirt brand, Stylemint, announced a contest. They asked fans of the brand to show their favorite holiday activity wearing a Stylemint T, for a chance to win a year’s worth of t-shirts.

I decided I wanted to enter, so while we were decorating our place, I took this photo – and won!

Stylemint’s tees range from high quality basics made with super soft pima cotton to more trendy and bold patterned styles.

If you haven’t checked out Stylemint, I highly suggest you do! And, for a chance to win a year’s worth of t-shirts for yourself, enter the January T Moment here.

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