Thirsty for Travel: Tequila

Mexican Tequila

Hearing the word tequila conjures up two thoughts. Three, actually. Mexico, college, and this little cinematic gem:

I have indulged in this south of the border spirit from time to time (and paid for it dearly), but it wasn’t until I experience a genuine tequila tasting in Puerto Vallarta that I truly began to understand it.

Contrary to popular belief, drinking copious amounts of tequila will (obviously) get you sloshed, but it shouldn’t give you a headache – unless it is not pure tequila. 

Most of the American brands we know well are cheap substitutes for the Mexican varieties and laced with various chemical additives.

Truly authentic tequila is made from just one ingredient- the blue agave plant. Like champagne, Mexican laws state that the spirit can only be produced in the Tequila region and the surrounding area in Jalisco county (Puerto Vallarta is nearby).

To drink tequila like a true Jaliscon, choose a tequila that says it is 100% agave on the label, made in Mexico, and preferably aged (reposado and añejo are both good choices). 

Fill a standard sized shot glass with the tequila, and instead of downing it, take your time to sip it. This ensures that you will be able to taste the subtleties of the flavors, and keep hangovers at bay.

If you must have lime, wait until your glass is empty. Salud!

  1. Interesting! I’ve always stayed away from tequila as it did give me a vicious headache. Now I know where to same true tequila – and how to drink it!

  2. I’m a fan of tequila and learned something new today. It’s funny I’ve never been to Mexico, but got to get down there to try some of it out from it’s homeland.

  3. Interesting! I had no idea, but it would make sense considering most byproducts are infused with other chemicals/ingredients. Will have to try it next time i’m down south!

  4. This is so interesting! I had no idea. I’ve never been a big tequila fan (really, the only alcohol I drink is rum) but I did a few shots in Nicaragua for Tequila Tuesday…No idea if they were 100% tequila or something with a ton of chemicals. I will definitely remember this when I’m in Mexico, though!

  5. Like you I have had experience with tequila in my younger days (some good and some not so good). I’d love to try it as it was meant to be tasted.

  6. It’s funny that tequila exported to US is much worse that the original Mexican one. I went to some Mexican parties organized by Mexican embassy, so I must have tried the original one then. Loved it. Prefer gold to Silver.

  7. I’ve never taken the time to learn more about tequila before, or to consider it as the delicacy you make it sound. I always try to avoid tequila shots (though usually unsuccessfully!) – they don’t just give me a headache, but make me throw up right away! But now I feel like I need to try, and to savour, pure tequila. Interestingly, when I tried four different flavoured tequila shots that some friends brought here for their holiday in Bangkok recently, they tasted a lot smoother and went down a whole lot easier than the stuff I usually end up slamming back!

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