Top Tropical Escapes in New York City

NY Orchid Show

If you’re sick of wearing 123,098,474,545 layers lately, and are wishing for a sunny vacay, but don’t have the time (or the funds) to do so, there are several places right here in NYC to give you a taste of the tropics.


  • Phyto Universe  (pictured above). I’ve written a detailed review of my experience at this luxurious hair conditioning salon (read it here), but all you really need to know is the living plant wall and private Oriental themed treatment rooms will make you feel like you’ve slipped away to a spa in Bali. 715 Lexington Ave.
  • Cuba. I was neighbor to this bar/restaurant for approximately two seconds, but that didn’t stop from me becoming very acquainted with their classically delicious mojitos, served with a garnish of real sugar cane. I haven’t been to Cuba (yet), but this is as close as you can get within the five boroughs. 222 Thompson St.primp & polish garden
  • Primp & PolishFrom the front, this looks like a typical (albeit spotlessly clean) nail salon, and if you made the mistake of only requesting a manicure, you may not have noticed the outdoor pedicure garden tucked in the back. The comfy chairs, exotic plants, and bamboo touches will have you instantly feeling more zen. 205 N 9th St., Williamsburg
  • Surf Bar. This sand bottomed, surf board lined bar/restaurant serves up tiki drinks and seafood snacks (like the mahi mahi burger) to chilly locals craving beach shacks139 N 6th St., Williamsburg ballroom_lg
  • No. 8 (formerly Bungalow 8). Dancing is one of the quickest ways to feel like you’re on holiday, and with No. 8’s tall palm trees and elegant Latin feel, you’ll forget it’s subzero outside. 357 W 16th St.
  • New York Botanical Gardens Orchid Show – A trek up to the Bronx for the annual flower show (see my recap from last year here) inside NYBG’s beautiful crystal palace, the Haupt Conservatory, is a seasonal must do. The flower varieties and absolutely incredible to see, and the atmosphere, warmth, and humidity necessary for the flowers mimic the climate of a rainforest. While the theme every year is of course, tropical, this year it is also made topical. Sia would approve. The Orchid Show: Chandeliers opens today, Feb. 28th through April 19th.orchid show ny
    1. Thanks! I will stop the snow when the snow stops here… so another 2-3 months to go 😉

  1. This was such a creative idea for a post! I love all of your suggestions and will keep them in mind for when I visit NYC! I’d love to read a similar post for Washington DC.. or maybe I’ll have to write it. Possibly next winter because I have a lot of city exploring to do!

    1. Thanks! Hmm.. maybe I need to do some D.C. research. Although, I’ve heard it’s a bit warmer there right now 🙂

  2. Awesome compilation! I can imagine how cold it is right now over there (more so by how your blog has this cool snow effect, haha nice one!) On a side note, that bar looks amazingly unique. Would love to check that out — I’ll put it down on my NY list of things-to-see!

  3. Who knew there were so many escapes in the city?! Also I love that shirt you have on..”i’m not a player I just blog a lot” Hysterical!

    1. Thanks! I sometimes get confused looks when I wear that shirt. #bloggerlife

    1. It’s amazing! Definitely worth a trek up to the Bronx. Plus, you can visit Arthur Avenue after.

  4. I love this list!! What a great idea. Sometimes, it’s just having the right frame of mind. And if you want to be warm in NYC right now, I guess you just have to trick your mind! 😉

    1. Not sure. Somewhere online. Worth a Google search to find it – then we’ll be #twinning!

  5. Tropical flower shows are a great antidote for late winter blahs. Eye catching title!

  6. Those are some awesome suggestions….I am sitting here in VT, it’s 20 degrees below freezing, and snowing. Man did i need a solid blog like this. Next trip down to NYC i am going to make one of these happen 🙂

  7. I would love to visit the Botanical Garden and try one of those manicures, excellent ideas here for something a little different. I’m hoping to come over to NYC next April #fingerscrossed

  8. I love your list. And I would really like to try ‘Cuba’ – it’s a country I love and am desperate to go back and visit so this would be a great place until then!! 🙂

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