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This post was generously sponsored by Wander Travel. All opinions are my own.

With the latest research from the World Tourism Organisation showing that people are travelling more than ever before, socially-conscious travelling solutions will continue to be welcomed across the board, and it’s no coincidence that we, as travelers have become more and more mindful, respectful and open minded as the world continues to shrink through lower air costs, and a desire to spend disposable income on experiences over things.

With this rise of socially conscious travelers, people are now looking ways to not only experience a destination as a local does but to give something back to the community as a thankful gesture.

Unfortunately, volunteering abroad has had its share of issues, from money not going to the correct place, to hours of work from volunteers being unusable due to inexperience, poor instruction, or a myriad of other reasons.

For the kind hearted travelers, there is an amazing new travel tool has made it easier than ever to give back, and know it’s going exactly where you intend it to go. Before planning your trip either abroad or in your home country, make sure you check out Wander.

Wander aims to be an easy way to have you travel lend a helping hand. When you book through this revolutionary website, some of their proceeds from your stay will be donated to one of five charities of your choosing, and at no extra cost! Travelers can opt to fund vitamins for malnourished children, sustainable energy to families in developing countries, entrepreneurs, disaster aid, or the World Wildlife Fund.

Founder Clementina Oliveras told Lonely Planet she was inspired to create Wander because she “relished the idea of how powerful it would be to have a job where your everyday work could fulfill a bigger purpose and have a greater impact. When thinking about how I could turn my passions and interests into a business, I first thought of travel. Tourism directly benefits from both natural and cultural resources and it’s in everybody’s best interest to protect these assets. I wanted to find a way to combine my love for the hotel industry with supporting responsible travel.”

The company estimates the average traveler can donate vitamins to 40 children in a year, if they booked all travel through Wander. Although that may seem like a small number, the impact can be significant, and with more than 250,000 hotels in 47,000 destinations to choose from, there’s no reason to book anywhere else!

Wander also wants to expand to help other causes, including climate change, which is high on the priority list. “Partnering with WWF was one of our major goals”, Clementina said. “Their mission to combat climate change is crucial and we won’t have a world to explore tomorrow if we don’t do something today. It’s difficult to discover the world without flying. We would love to offer in the near future a way to purchase high-quality carbon offsets through our site.”

So, what’s the best way to help? Being booking your next hotel stay with Wander, and hopefully, we can all ease our carbon footprint as the company continues to grow, but for now, we can guarantee that someone will benefit from our adventures.

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